Emoni Wilkins — “Be Mine”: Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ Pick of the week is “Be Mine” by Emoni Wilkins! All of the elements of a great R&B song are here: a funky rhythm section, smooth horns, euphoric background vocals, and more. With the help of incredible lead vocals from Nashville-based Emoni Wilkins, “Be Mine” comes together into one silky-smooth, dangerously catchy package. As the organ and background vocals form a solid landscape, Wilkins’ hooks paint a figure that radiates power and joy, one sure to force the listener to burst into song uncontrollably.

Where much of contemporary music utilizes recording technology to create distance between the studio and the listener, Wilkins invites us into the room with her band in both her music video and her sonic production. The song and the video both include us in a euphoric, liberating jam session, since the song transmits its sounds as realistically as possible. Listen to Emoni Wilkins’ “Be Mine” below, and join in on the fun by coming to 3rd and Lindsley on November 13th to see Wilkins perform in support of Girls Write Nashville!

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