Holiday Hops 2022 Day 1: Brooklyn Brewery Non-Alcoholic Special Effects Pils


It’s the first day of Holiday Hops! Today DJ Stephanie and Matt from Rhizome Productions are easing us into the holiday flavors with a non-alcoholic beer from Brooklyn Brewery. The Special Effects Pils comes from Brooklyn’s new line of non-alcoholic beers.

With 0% beers on the rise, this 100 calorie beer comes from the Special Effects variety packs. All of Brooklyn Brewery’s Special Effects brews are deceptively good, and the Pils has everything you love from your standard pilsner, without the alcohol. It’s a great brew to kick off our Holiday Hops 2022 series!

You can listen to todays full episode of Holiday Hops 2022 Day 2 below:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for beer and cheer! Whether you’re looking for the best beers to serve at your holiday party or you’re looking for a delicious beer to enjoy – DJ Stephanie and Matt have got you covered this holiday season. Tune in at 6:30am or 6:30pm Monday through Friday from 11/28 – 12/9 for Lightning 100’s Holiday Hops, brewed up by Rhizome Productions and Lipman Brothers!