Hoptober 2022 Day 1: Sunday Beer – Light & Tight


It’s that time of year again! Our very own Stephanie collaborates with Matt from Rhizome Productions to take us through the featured brews of this Hoptober season.

Up first is a light, American lager brewed in Brooklyn, NY. Sunday Beer’s Light & Tight comes in 12 oz. cans and has recently become available right here in Nashville! Although not yet available in supermarkets, this beer is worth the search. With a simple, yet full and delicious flavor, the beer is brewed with Hallertau hops and fine pilsner malt.

Perfect to enjoy during any season, this beverage is especially flavorful around this time of year. With a subtle, spicy aroma and gentle notes of honey, your bonfire gathering will be complete with a can (or two) of Sunday Beer.

Get the full scoop in the episode linked below. After you’re done, catch up on all things brews at lightning100.com/hoptober thanks to Rhizome Productions and Lipman Brothers!

Looking for more suggestions? Visit Lightning 100 to listen to all previous episodes of Hoptober to see what you missed! Thanks for celebrating with us, and Happy Hoptober!