Hoptober 2022 Day 10: Westmalle – Trappist Extra


And just like that, it is the last day of Hoptober 2022! Today, DJ Stephanie and Matt from Rhizome Productions are reviewing the Westmalle Trappist Extra.

Westmalle Brewery is located in Belguim. The Trappist Extra is a golden blonde brew that is as old as the brewery itself. The brewery is located in the Abbey of Trappist Westmalle. When they built the Abbey, the monks who presided there started brewing the beer to raise money for the abbey. Westmalle has been around for awhile, but just recently is being imported to the U.S.

This beer, like all Belgian brews, is food-forward. In Matt’s words is the Westmalle Trappist Extra “the perfect beer”. It is low in alcohol (4.8% ABV) , but high in flavor. The brew is often referred to as a table beer, meant to be shared in community!

Westmalle Trappist Extra

With fruity notes and being on the lighter side, this beer is the perfect thirst quenching brew. You can find The Westmalle Trappist Extra at your better beer retailers.

You can listen to the final Hoptober episode on the Westmalle Trappist Extra below!

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