Hoptober 2022 Day 4: Little Harpeth Brewing — Prost! Oktoberfest


Leading up to Nashville’s Oktoberfest event in Germantown this weekend, DJ Stephanie and Rhizome Productions’ Matt Leff present us with a Bavarian-inspired Nashville brew. Little Harpeth Brewing’s Prost! Oktoberfest beer takes inspiration from the Märzen beer associated with the German Oktoberfest tradition. Märzen, traditionally brewed in March and drank en-masse on Oktoberfest, brings a darker, heavier spin on the beloved German light lager flavor. Little Harpeth’s variety comes in at 6% ABV, bringing all the sweet malt flavor of a heavy continental beer.

As fall finally begins in Middle Tennessee, this deeply sweet beer will appear on grocery store shelves next to all of your favorite October treats. More importantly, make sure you get over to Germantown’s Oktoberfest event, which runs from today through October 9th, in order to experience this beer in its proper context. Both the Oktoberfest event and the Little Harpeth Brewing Prost! Oktoberfest beer showcase Nashville’s ability to retain its local identity while inviting in influences from cultures around the world. Prost!

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