Inhaler – “These Are the Days”: Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week


Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week is “These Are the Days,” the soaring, spontaneous track by Dublin-based rock band Inhaler. The song feels like driving through the city, stopping to pick up friends as the track progresses. It’s the perfect coming of age song. It demands to be played loud alongside all your favorite people.

Oh and incase those vocals sound familiar, it’s because Inhaler’s lead singer is Elijah Hewson – the son of Paul Hewson (better known as Bono).

“These Are the Days” is the band’s first single after their debut album It Won’t Always Be Like This released last year. In 2020, they were ranked #5 on BBC’s Sound Of. The list predicts “the most exciting musical talent of the next 12 months.”

This group is bound to play on the biggest stages in front of massive crowds. You can hear why by checking out the lyric video for “These Are the Days” below:

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