Jack Johnson – “Don’t Look Now”: Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week


Rev. Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Don’t Look Now” by Jack Johnson! Jack Johnson is a soft rock/acoustic pop singer-songwriter from North Shore, Oahu, HI. Some of Johnson’s most notable tracks include: “Better Together,” “Upside Down,” and “Banana Pancakes.” Jack Johnson’s music is synonymous with feelings of summer weather and good times. You can tell Johnson’s island upbringing influences the kind of music he makes. Jack Johnson took the stage at Ascend Amphitheater on August 24th as a part of his Meet the Moonlight tour.

“Don’t Look Now” comes off of Johnson’s eighth studio album “Meet the Moonlight”. This is Jack Johnson’s first release in 5 years, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. The track combines all of the things people love about Jack Johnson’s music. It’s acoustic guitar heavy with a melody that puts you at ease. The lyrics discuss being consumed with your own thoughts – whether you like it or not. This is definitely a familiar feeling. With it being the second song off of “Meet the Moonlight”, “Don’t Look Now” establishes a tone of relatability. Relatability is a common theme across Jack Johnson’s whole discography. Johnson takes everyday stresses and creates a toe-tapping, head bopping tune!

You can listen to “Don’t Look Now” by Jack Johnson below!

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