Jade Bird — “American Pie”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the week is “American Pie” performed by Jade Bird! This new recording of Don McLean’s masterpiece appears in The Day the Music Died, the recently released documentary about “American Pie.” Utilizing Bird’s immense vocal flexibility, this cover starkly highlights the many emotional undulations found within the song’s lyrics. From her gentle whisper to her raucous, brassy yell, Bird’s varied vocal capabilities bring the song to life for a new generation of listeners. In the hands of Jade Bird, “American Pie” sounds right at home as a 2020s Americana tune.

By showcasing the song’s ability to shine within many genres and styles, The Day the Music Died portrays “American Pie” as a pure distillation of the American experience. Jade Bird proves that even fifty years later, the song has lost none of its emotional punch, reinforcing the song’s position as a universal classic. Listen to Jade Bird’s fantastic performance of Don McLean’s “American Pie” below, as heard in The Day the Music Died.

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