Jean Dawson — “PIRATE RADIO*”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ pick of the week is “PIRATE RADIO*” by Jean Dawson. The Tijuana-raised artist is versed in different creative mediums, including musical and visual. Labeled as an alternative singer-songwriter, Dawson is not limited to any one style of music. Instead, he creates his own, beautifully blending both hip-hop and indie rock influence.

“PIRATE RADIO*” opens with a calming, yet enticing solo guitar melody and evolves into an ensemble of layered vocals and harmonic strings. The song touches on themes of baptism and renewal, signifying a new era, leaving the old behind.

Dawson’s second studio album, “CHAOS NOW*,” is set to be released Oct. 7.

Listen to the newest single below:

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