Jonathan Tyler — “Movin’ On”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Jonathan Tyler Press Photo

Dan’s DJ Pick of the week is “Movin’ On” by Jonathan Tyler! From the opening bars of the track, Tyler already subverts expectations, backing his bluesy riffs with a new-wave drum machine. To expand his sound beyond the scope of traditional blues recordings, Tyler layers his drums and guitars a mile high. Growling carpets of noise set the warm tone upon which the dark riffs stand out beautifully. Simultaneously, Tyler’s characteristic steady drum beat punches through the performance to ground the track in rhythmic catchiness.

As “Movin’ On” moves on to the bridge, the previously upbeat nature of the song takes a turn for the introspective. Here, the song enters a discussion about the passage of time, lamenting the cruel reality that all things must come to an end. Rereading the song through the lens of this bridge reveals a much darker theme. While Tyler may seem to be flippantly leaving behind someone from his past at first glance, the bridge transforms this message into one of despair at the necessity of leaving good times behind. Take a step into the world of Jonathan Tyler by listening to “Movin’ On” below!

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