Kendra Morris and Eraserhood Sound — “When We Would Ride”: Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week is “When We Would Ride” by Kendra Morris and Eraserhood Sound! Calling to mind the iconic sounds of 70s soul, Morris’s distinct vocal style delivers clarity with a touch of the blues. Meanwhile, production from Eraserhood Sound showcases a unique synthetic soul sound, which brings in influences such as 90s g-funk and jazz fusion. As an end product, the trio crafts a delicate blend that bears the marks of each of its creators while also forging a unique identity.

Lyrically, “When We Would Ride” inspires an intensely personal feeling of nostalgia. As Morris recollects precious memories of the mundane moments spent with a close friend, she invites each of us to take a trip down our own memory lanes. Though the subject matter may seem depressing, Morris and Eraserhood Sound never let the mood dip too far into the somber, supporting these lyrics with shiny high-end synth leads. Take a moment to reflect on the good times in life by listening to “When We Would Ride” below!

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