Larkin Poe — “Strike Gold”: Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week


Jayson’s DJ Pick of the week is “Strike Gold” by Larkin Poe! A single off of the Blues/Americana duo’s latest album Blood Harmony, this track builds upon the classic rock aesthetic of the album. With gutsy guitar solos dotting the track list and an album cover fit for the 70s, the band calls to mind some of their earlier influences with this project. Anthemic distorted guitar riffs played on six string and lap steel form the melodic backbone of “Strike Gold,” with masterful vocal harmonies rounding out the sound.

In a heartfelt message to other artists that seek to follow in their footsteps, Larkin Poe details the hard work that enabled them to reach their current point in their career. Emphasis upon strenuous effort sets “Strike Gold” apart among success story songs, with the band going as to far as to disavow all expectations of random good fortune. Get motivated to take on your week by listening to “Strike Gold” below, and make sure to check out Larkin Poe’s new album Blood Harmony!

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