Larry McCray — “No More Crying”: Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week


Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week is “No More Crying” by Larry McCray! A touching blues tune, “No More Crying” sees McCray taking on the persona of a dying person addressing their loved ones. The speaker acknowledges their situation, embracing the end to come and encouraging those around them to do the same. McCray reminds us that, even when our loved ones leave us, we can still see them “smile in every sunset” and “laughing every time it rains.”

Musically, McCray constructs a classic blues sound to convey his heartwarming message. Fluttering Leslie organs and punchy blues pianos punctuate the flowing composition. Utilizing layers upon layers of acoustic guitar, strings, and background vocals, McCray forms an expansive mix. To retain a bluesy tightness, however, McCray injects full-band stops and starts into the song, bringing energy to the beautiful sonic environment. Give yourself a chance to smile today as you listen to “No More Crying” below!

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