Lissie – “Night Moves”: Lt. Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Lt. Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Night Moves” by Lissie. The track is one of two already-released singles from her upcoming album Carving Canyons. The song is groovy and grand, like the disco track of your dreams.

“Night Moves” and the album’s first single “Flowers” prove that – come September 16 – we all need to blasting Carving Canyons from our car speakers.

The upcoming release is Lissie’s seventh album. Her 2010 debut folk/rock album Catching a Tiger was remastered for the 10 year anniversary last year.

Not to mention her 2012 cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way” has been streamed nearly 30 million times on Spotify.

The Fleetwood Mac influence is audible in “Night Moves” which – combined with Lissie’s lyrics – make it the perfect duo.

Watch the music video for the new track below:

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