Louis Tomlinson — “Face the Music”: Melissa’s DJ Pick of the Week


Melissa’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Face the Music” by Louis Tomlinson! A pop punk banger from beginning to end, “Face the Music” finds Tomlinson taking an unexpected turn for the heavy. Equipped with crunchy guitars, splashy cymbals, and uplifting yet dark chord progressions, this song resurrects all of the most compelling features of early 2000s Hot Topic emo. Topping everything off with a polished, masterful pop vocal, Tomlinson presents a well-crafted track that still lives up to its gritty rock n roll imagery.

As a former member of acclaimed boy band One Direction, Tomlinson has proven his talent at writing love songs that celebrate the youthful urge to live in the moment. However, “Face the Music” reveals Tomlinson’s internal struggle to maintain this youthful eye while growing older, as he slowly realizes the necessity of turning love into a serious endeavor. On this track, the pop star celebrates one last go at the low-stakes love he celebrated as a member of his former band, a bittersweet coming-of-age moment that many can relate to. Listen to “Face the Music” by Louis Tomlinson below!

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