Michael McArthur – “Lady Luck”: Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week

Michael McArthur

Jayson’s DJ Pick for this week is “Lady Luck” by Michael McArthur. The track is the lead single from his upcoming album Milky Stars. “It’s a song about being down on your luck and wanting things to change, it’s real simple,” McArthur told Jayson and Mel on June 27.

“Lady Luck” combines the slow groove of a folk/rock song with McArthur’s lyrics and timeless vocals. It’s simple, like McArthur said, but that’s what makes its sentiment so universal. He said he wrote the song during the pandemic – a time when waves of luck felt few and far between.

But McArthur’s song serves as the antidote to that fear. It’s a call to action – asking Lady Luck for just a little bit of help.

And if “Lady Luck” is any indication, Milky Stars is sure to be a must-listen album.

You can watch the performance video for the track below:

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