Mt. Joy — “Orange Blood”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Orange Blood” by Mt. Joy! The title track off of the band’s recently released third studio album, “Orange Blood” signals a subtle yet significant change in Mt. Joy’s sound. As the LA indie band inches ever further from the acoustic indie folk sound that launched their career, Mt. Joy increasingly demonstrates their willingness to experiment with distortion and space. The track features distant guitars that drip down into the far stereo field, with lyrics that paint the picture of the sun’s orange blood. Chaotic noise engulfs gorgeous choruses, thrusting the listener into the expanse of the California open road.

Using these expansive soundscapes as a basis, Mt. Joy builds “Orange Blood” into a track ready-made for a desert adventure. After his own “transformative trip to Joshua Tree,” Mt. Joy’s Matt Quinn hopes that “Orange Blood” can also give his fans a chance to experience “the desert trip we all need from time to time.” Take yourself on a Californian vacation by listening to Mt. Joy’s “Orange Blood” below!

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