Nashville Industry Fund: Community Corner


This week’s edition of Community Corner featured Stephanie Eatherly of Nashville Industry Fund, a nonprofit that assists music industry professionals with purchasing their first homes. As Eatherly points out in the interview, Nashville has recently seen a steep decline in its creative population, with artists facing the tough necessity of moving out of state in order to escape the rising cost of living in Middle Tennessee. To help prevent this exodus, Nashville Industry Fund is assisting music industry professionals with the immense challenge of putting a down payment on a house, using education and financial assistance to bring this lofty goal within reach of more creatives.

Despite tourist spending in Nashville reaching an astronomical $20 million per day, the city’s economy has lost sight of the people who were essential in turning Nashville into the cultural hub that it is today. Runaway real estate inflation has created a world in which the musicians that bring Nashville’s iconic cultural institutions alive, both on Broadway and in the neighborhoods, may soon have to leave Music City, turning Nashville into a tourist attraction devoid of anything particularly attractive. Listen to Eatherly’s interview below, and make sure to attend the nonprofit’s kick-off event on November 10th at the brand new Vinyl Lounge!

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