Plastic Picnic – “Slide”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert

Plastic Picnic

“Slide” by Plastic Picnic is is the latest ONErpm Hitmaker Alert. The song is the final track on the Brooklyn-based band’s debut album As Long as You Need. The song perfectly combines Plastic Picnic’s indie rock roots with timeless lyrics and masterful instrumentals. “Slide” is both modern and retro. It’s an ode to the past, and a promising glimmer of the future of rock and roll.

Plastic Picnic is based in Brooklyn, New York but band members – Emile Panerio, Lincoln Lute, Marshall Hunt and Gordon Taylor – are all from the Pacific Northwest. Their songs have been featured in shows like Shameless and Homeland.

They’ll play Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn on Saturday for the As Long as You Need album release party.

Check out the official music video for “Slide” below:

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