Rayland Baxter — “If I Were a Butterfly”: Local Artist of the Week


This week’s Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week is Rayland Baxter! Stepping outside the boundaries of the Americana sound that earned him thousands of loyal fans, Baxter pulls the audience along on a new adventure with “If I Were a Butterfly.” In ditching his driving, realistic sound, Baxter explores the wide-open world of studio manipulation. As a core of rhythm and bass keeps the song moving along, a variety of discontinuous guitar, woodwind, vocal, and string leads reveal the many fantastic features of Baxter’s sonic playground.

To top off this layered sonic treat, Baxter has also shared a delightfully whimsical music video to accompany his new song. Produced by the ever-intriguing Nashville video director Citizen Kane Wayne, the video showcases Wayne’s signature lo-fi style. Although the video seems to be shot in an extremely controlled environment, Wayne and Baxter splatter this backdrop with a memorable mix of absurd imagery and mundane landscapes. In anticipation of Nashville legend Rayland Baxter’s upcoming album, go ahead and watch and listen to “If I Were a Butterfly” below!

Tune in to 100.1 FM and lightning100.com all week to hear “If I Were a Butterfly” by Rayland Baxter, our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week.