Brews, Summer Style 2022: Ep. 7 -St. Bernardus Wit – Brews, Summer Style 2022

St. Bernardus Wit

Up next in Brews, Summer Style 2022 is the St. Bernardus Wit! This is a traditional, unfiltered Belgian white wheat beer. St. Bernardus created this beer as a collaboration with the legendary brewer and reviver of wit beer, Pierre Celis. The St. Bernardus Wit shines a light golden like the sun, and is sure to refresh you with hints of coriander and citrus. The brewery is based out of Watou, Belgium and was founded in 1946. 

You can find the St. Bernardus Wit available in cans, bottles, or on draft at select locations in the Nashville Area. This beer features a 5.5% ABV and is sure to provide a light, crisp refreshment to beat the summer heat! 

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