Sunny Sweeney — “Easy as Hello”: Local Artist of the Week


Contemporary country offers plenty of party jams, but sometimes fans just want a good ole fashioned tear-jerker of a country tune that hits a little closer to home. Enter our Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week Sunny Sweeney, who once again provides a traditional country song that will have you crying in your cowboy boots. Naturally distorted guitars reach up to touch the rain of the gloomy pedal steel, throwing Sweeney’s transparent vocals into an age-old country setting.

Tossing and turning on this bed of silky-smooth instrumentals, Sweeney longs for a life free of overwhelming grief. As she envisions a world where love is as easy to leave behind as it is to fall into, Sweeney begs the universe to end her pain in the wake of a breakup. Part of an album aptly titled Married Alone, “Easy as Hello” joins a cast of fantastically written, intensely personal stories that convey heartbreak in the way that only a great country song can. Listen to this fantastic single below, and make sure to tune in to Sweeney’s upcoming Nashville Sunday Night performance on November 20th!

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