Tchotchke — “Wish You Were a Girl”: Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ pick of the week is “Wish You Were a Girl” by Tchotchke. Full of girl power and talent, the all-female trio includes Anastasia Sanchez on drums, Eva Chambers on bass, and Emily Tooraen on guitar. The track is featured on their self-titled debut album which was released over the summer.

The word “tchotchke” is often used to describe a small, decorative object with minimal functional use. The band name reflects the misconstrued societal views of women. The girls carry this theme with them in “Wish You Were A Girl.” The song is full of artistic irony. While influenced by recognizable components of 1950s music, the song instead goes a different direction lyrically. It embraces modernity and rejects gender roles and age-old expectations of that time period.

The trio bring this concept to life in the music video, portraying distraught runaway-brides and housewives. Director, Ambar Navarro, shares that the girls strive to “run away from all the feminine responsibilities and forced ideologies.” The video is intricately detailed, symbolic and honest.

Tchotchke is currently touring with The Paranoyds and Adam Green.

Check out the track below:

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