The Arcadian Wild Performs “Give It a Rest” and “Barefoot Kid” Live in the Studio


The Arcadian Wild came by the studio today to show us some of their new music! Playing us their new single and an unreleased cut, the band gave us an exclusive sneak peak into the future of their sound. Starting off with their recent single “Give It a Rest,” the band explains how the song was meant to uplift those in a deep state of sadness. As soon as the band counted in to start the song, the positivity radiated throughout the studio, bathing listeners in personal encouragement to keep the little things from bothering them.

On a similar note, “Barefoot Kid,” the band’s brand new single releasing this Friday, brings a message of hope to those in doubt. Reflecting upon the difficult moment when childhood innocence falls away and the full breadth of the world comes into view, the band suggests constructing a support system to overcome this difficult time in life. By relying on our family and community, we can overcome intense personal difficulties with relative ease, restoring hope when troubles arise. Watch The Arcadian Wild’s fantastic interview and performance below!

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