The Moss — “Insomnia”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Insomnia” by The Moss! Originally formed in Hawaii, this surf rock outfit brings all the vitality of a summer day at the beach with “Insomnia.” While maintaining this warm, sunny feel, The Moss investigates the complex web of anxieties that often accompany a new relationship. By taking an uncomfortable set of emotions and transforming them into a fun, accessible song, The Moss provides comfort to all of those who thought that they were alone in their fear of being alone.

Musically, The Moss paves their own trail through the indie rock world. Employing crystal-clear vocals that stand out against distorted guitars, the band infuses their sound with transparency and vulnerability. All the while, the slap-back-heavy lead guitars immediately call to mind the classic sound of 50s California surf rock. The band’s resulting sound combines the likability of rock n roll, the personality of indie, and a unique fingerprint that screams originality. Listen to “Insomnia” by The Moss below!

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