Thee Sacred Souls — “Easier Said Than Done”: Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week


Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Easier Said Than Done” by Thee Sacred Souls! Utilizing a chill, soulful, flowing composition, the band delivers a touching account of the end of a relationship’s honeymoon phase. In that bittersweet moment when one realizes that love won’t always come easy, many budding romances come to a premature close. However, the lyrics firmly advocate for perseverance, acknowledging that “true love, it ain’t easy” and that all great things in life require hard work.

To bring this message home, the band pairs their insightful lyrics with melancholy background vocals. With the addition of a gentle reverb that places the track in a near-empty neighborhood bar, Thee Sacred Souls craft an environment drenched in nostalgia. However, the track’s lyrics promise that true love is worth the hardships endured in its formation, emphasizing the necessity of this temporary pit-stop on the road to lasting greatness. Listen to “Easier Said Than Done” below!

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