Thumpasaurus — “Struttin'”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Struttin'” by Thumpasaurus! While this song is not exactly new, its resurgence in popularity following its use in a recent Samsung advertisement allowed the song to strut back onto our radar. The advertisement, featuring a cat learning to take selfies, encapsulates the whimsical attitude of the original song. Repetitive though it may be, “Struttin'” falls squarely within the funk tradition of making fun a priority. In classic funk fashion, turning this song on will put your body at risk of involuntarily breaking into dance, as the speedy, driving groove pushes the tune forward at a struttin’ pace.

Throughout the song, the lyrics focus on a singular theme: struttin’. Accordingly, the song maintains a constant sense of movement, with frantic piano riffs denoting the passage of time throughout the track. However, this movement comes with no sense of urgency, as the song ends exactly where it started, a celebration of the simple joy of walking around with nowhere to go.

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