U.S. Girls – “So Typically Now”: Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week!


Jayson’s DJ Pick this week is, “So Typically Now,” from a band out of Toronto, Canada. U.S. Girls’ music is crafted by songwriter Meghan Remy, and this group is a Polaris Music Prize nominee! Remy started this group as a solo project, getting their first break in late 2007 in Philadelphia, where she was recording through a tape machine.

In this new single, “So Typically Now,” Meghan Remy introduces nostalgic disco sounds with nods to new wave pop. With a drum beat reminiscent of Phil Collins, this track gets you dancing. Impressive backing vocals support Remy’s vocals to add a catchy chorus that you can’t help but sing along to.

While U.S. Girls aren’t touring right now, you can find more songs through streaming platforms.

Check out the new track below:

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