Zane Christopher — “Young”: ONErpm Hitmaker Alert

Zane Christopher

This week’s ONErpm Hitmaker Alert is “Young” by up-and-comer Zane Christopher. The Beverly, Massachusetts local released the track on Friday, and it’s only his second song to hit streaming services. The tune transports listeners to the coast, making it the perfect song to blast before hitting the waves. 

And it’s not hard to hear the Los Angeles influence in the song — Christopher moved there earlier this year. He promoted “Young” on TikTok and shared videos with a Volkswagen van, palm trees and the ocean behind him.

The song features an audio clip of Christopher’s grandfather in the middle of the track, he shared on TikTok.

The words seamlessly transition into Christopher’s electric vocals and energetic melody. 

“Young” is Christopher’s second single after 2020’s “Road Song.” The track has over 2 million streams on Spotify. The song introduces Christopher’s indie-rock style and brings listeners back to his New England roots. 

“Young” is the perfect follow up to “Road Song.” In it, Christopher invites us to pull off the highway, leave the road behind, and enjoy a carefree summer on the coast. 

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