ZZ Ward (feat. Aloe Blacc) — “Tin Cups”: Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week


Rev. Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Tin Cups” by ZZ Ward featuring Aloe Blacc! Jam-packed with dusky harmonies and blue notes, “Tin Cups” sees Ward and Blacc at their darkest. With voices that roll across the track like fog through a lonely hollow, the two vocalists project intense emotion with every second of this piece. The minimal background instrumentation places few distractions between the vocalists and the listener, opening up the sonic space in a dramatic way.

Lyrically, “Tin Cups” tackles intense romantic struggles. As the speaker reflects upon their past relationships, they notice a pattern of invulnerability that places a wedge between themselves and their partners. Realizing they need to change but still unsure how so, the speaker turns to the blues, sharing their struggles with us in a beautiful song. Cry along to ZZ Ward and Aloe Blacc by listening to “Tin Cups” below!

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