A Thousand Horses “Room Full Of Strangers” – Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week

A Thousand Horses Room Full Of Strangers

Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week is “Room Full of Strangers” from A Thousand Horses! This track is the latest single from the Nashville-based trio, and it follows their acoustic EP from earlier this year.

A Thousand Horses blends sections of the country genre to make their own. Snippets of Americana and classic country rock are heard throughout the band’s discography. As natives of Music City, this hybrid of genres perfectly reflects the group’s environment. “Room Full Of Strangers” takes a similar approach to musicality as their chart-topping single “Smoke”: a slow, country rock ballad with sentimental, scene-painting lyrics. Michael Hobby collaborated with country music legend Chris Stapleton to paint themes of loneliness, wandering, and loss of hope within this track.

Opening with soft, high-end twinkles of an acoustic guitar A Thousand Horses immediately starts to set a scene of emotions. Then, the whistle of a pedal steel guitar comes in with chorus. A simple drum beat keeps the track driving into the second verse as not to overcrowd the room. The bridge cries, “I keep looking for everything I can’t find,” as Hobby grapples with the unknown faces he shares the room with. This lyric seems to soak up the rest of the lyrics, and encapsulates the full meaning of the song. Paired with the melancholic instrumentation, “Room Full Of Strangers” is a perfect country ballad for this fall.

Listen to the track below:

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