ALO – “Hot Damn”: Keith’s DJ Pick of the Week


This week The Rev’s DJ pick is “Hot Damn” by the Animal Liberation Orchestra (ALO)! “Hot Damn” is ALO’s latest release on their upcoming album “Silver Saturdays” out March 3rd!

ALO is a rock band from California that has, for the most part, been playing together since 1989! Originally formed by childhood friends Zach Gill, Dan Lebowitz, and Steve Adams, the band had to undergo many changes before reaching their current lineup and name. Members include the original 3 and added drummer Ezra Lipp. Still, the background of growing up together gives their music so much depth and warmth which translates to the listener. Founded on a basis of “a desire to make people happy,” ALO’s music is a hug to your ears.

This track is like a light at the end of the tunnel. A pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. “Hot Damn” will transport you to summer in the midst of January with images of ice cream sandwiches and tossing pebbles in the water. It gives you hope for the future and what’s to come, because “sometimes those shiny flecks are really gold.” “Hot Damn” is also a song for all the hustlers out there chasing their dreams. ALO explains “you only get the gold if you’re willing to dig around.” So hold on to those goals and resolutions in the new year.

Silky smooth vocals, a funky bassline, and far-out guitar riffs, this song shows you what it’s like growing up in the Golden State. Whether you’re a fan of 70’s rock or looking for an excuse to break out your bell bottoms, check out ALO and give “Hot Damn” a listen!

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