Amos Lee “Greenville” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week

Amos Lee Greenville

Rev’s DJ pick of the week is Amos Lee’s “Greenville.” It’s a cover of Lucinda Williams’ 1998 classic, which she recorded with Emmylou Harris for her album Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. Lee’s “Greenville” is part of his forthcoming album Honeysuckle Switches: The Songs of Lucinda Williams, which releases next month.

Aside from his choice to record an entire album of her songs, Lee’s appreciation for Williams’ work is clear. Carefully and intentionally, he re-imagines “Greenville,” adding subtle changes to elevate the track. In the second verse, the repetition of the phrase “say what you mean” serves as a double-entendre: it’s both an emphasis on the antagonist’s behavior and a demand that he change, making it one of the strongest lines in the song. Lee uses the entrance of his backing band to capitalize on this pivotal moment, with the drums leading the charge. They’re quickly followed by guitars, a bass, and an organ, which add texture to the track. The guitar moves to the top of the mix for a solo, which stands as the singular new element of this cover. It leads into a scolding lyric about “a guitar in your hand,” further demonstrating the intentionality behind Lee’s work.

It’s covers like Lee’s that produce the best new takes on classic songs. No radical changes are made to the arrangement as Lee’s finer details give the song new life. Hear his impressive cover of Lucinda Williams’ “Greenville” below:

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