Amy Stroup – “Break The Feeling”: Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ pick of the week is “Break The Feeling” by local indie artist Amy Stroup! Originally from Boston, Stroup moved to Nashville with her family when she was eighteen. Soon after, she began as a classical guitar student at Lipscomb University. As an aspiring musician, she quickly immersed herself in the underground alternative scene. There she flourished writing and playing with neighboring musicians. Eventually, she released her first record Chasing Greenlights in 2006, The Other Side of Love Sessions, in 2011, and her latest record, Helen of Memphis, in 2018. Stroup is often recognized for her transporting indie sound and emotively expansive storylines. “A New Life” and “Break the Feeling” are the first tracks from her fourth solo record Since Frank, due June 23rd.

“Break the Feeling” touches on the importance of staying grounded. It is about the rituals that shake off the fog covering all sense of direction or purpose. Lyrically and in the video, aspects of nature are a large grounding force. In the opening verse, “Trading breath with the trees I get caught in between, Too much in my head, A kind of release, Under canopy, Cooling the jets,” showcases the outdoors as a vital to reset to the mundanity of society. The song enters with a grooving backline that frames her cohesive indie-pop sound throughout. Her vocal is at the forefront with soft, raspy qualities driving the fluid, dream-scape sound.

Stroups 10-track record, Since Frank, will release on June 23rd, you can listen to “Break the Feeling” below.

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