Arlie – “findaway”: Mel’s DJ Pick of the Week

Photo by Gabe Ruckus

This week, Mel’s DJ pick is “findaway” by Arlie! Arlie was born in Nashville, stemming from the solo efforts of Nathaniel Banks. The songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer originally started recording his ideas in a Vanderbilt dorm room. Wanting to take the songs to the stage, Banks teamed up with neighboring musicians and the group quickly took the DIY scene by storm in 2017. Singles like “big fat mouth” and “did ya think” had exponential success early on, landing the group a deal with Atlantic Records shortly after.

Recognized for their nostalgic glow-pop sound, Arlie has a way of hooking the audience. Their newest single, “findaway” is the first song the band has put out since their debut record, Break the Curse. The song holds a combination of modern psych-rock influences, contributing captivating melodies and refreshing guitar licks. The airy, dream-like vocal navigates lyrical nuances of desire through the lens of love and addiction. Placing the lyrics, “Like any addict knows / When you want something bad enough you find a way,” on top of recurring guitar licks, the track paints a pleasantly cyclical soundscape for the listener.

Inspired by sounds of the ’60s, the band is powered by their dream-like sound pushing the boundaries of alternative pop. Arlie continues to peel back layers exposing their eclectic craftsmanship and evergrowing sound.

You can isten to “findaway’ by Arlie below!

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