Bahamas “I’m Still” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week


Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week is “I’m Still” from Bahamas. This island groove comes with three other singles released last month in preparation for the artist’s newest album hitting shelves later this week. Despite the title, you’ll be anything but still while listening to this track.

Bahamas’ Afie Jurvanen has been developing his signature sound for over a decade. “I’m Still” showcases every aspect of it: light, drifting harmonies, a funky percussive flow, and a heavy, jazzy bass. A soft, acoustic rhythm guitar lays down the foundation of this track, almost acting as the song’s mood lighting. But the clean sparkle of the electric and the dancing flutes in the chorus is what truly elevates this track to get you moving. A free-spirited Afie sings, “I just do what I do,” imitative of the breezy beat he creates. He drifts out of the track with a guitar and a bass solo, giving listeners a chance to fully sit in the song.

“I’m Still” sets the tone of Bahamas’ album Bootcut, which debuts September 15. Recorded right here in Nashville, the album is expected to hold to the classic Bahamas sound with a hint of Southern twang. Bahamas will continue to bend and break through genre molds with “Bootcut,” but until then, live in a forever-summer with “I’m Still”. Listen to the track below:

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