Better Than Ezra “Contact High” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

Better Than Ezra Contact High

Dan’s DJ pick of the week is “Contact High” by Better Than Ezra. Released as a single on November 3rd, it is part of the band’s tenth studio album. The highly anticipated, forthcoming record is expected to release in 2024. 

Better Than Ezra formed in 1988 on the campus of Louisiana State University. In the decades since, they’ve defined their sound and stood the test of time. The Outlet wrote, “So many of that decade’s most influential, like supernovas, burned up fast.” With “Contact High,” the more successful, slow burn of Better Than Ezra’s career is put on display. 

This country rocker offers a western twang in the vocal that beautifully contrasts the guitar part that evokes some of pop music’s brightest sounds. The hand claps and harmonies further demonstrate a pop edge, while the piano and rhythm section keep the song grounded in its rock and western roots. “Raise a bottle up, make a toast, and shake the hand of the Holy Ghost,” Kevin Michael Griffin sings. The choruses are jaunty and joyful, much like the contact high which they depict. “You should’ve seen the look on your face, when I floated off to outer space.” 

It’s a fun song by a seasoned band, determined to keep the smiles coming. As they enter their fourth decade of making music, Better Than Ezra proves with “Contact High” why they’ve earned their success. Listen to the new single below:

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