Black Pumas “Ice Cream” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week

Black Pumas
Black Pumas "Ice Cream" - Rev's DJ Pick of the Week

Lightning 100’s own Rev picks “Ice Cream” by the Black Pumas for his pick of the week!

The almost four minute song features an easily memorable chorus and the psychedelic soul that makes the band such a pivotal force in the industry. The track is laced with lyrical and sonic easter eggs for fans of both rock and soul to love. It’s in this way that the duo knows how to blend their musical influences and their unique flair without fail.

“Ice Cream” reigns from the duo’s second studio album, Chronicles of a Diamond. As it was the last single released before the album dropped, it stands as the last peek into the newest era. It’s the perfect track for those looking to get into the band but are unsure where to start. They know exactly how to make a song sound simultaneously old and new- perfect for listeners of all genres. The writing of Eric Burton, one half of the GRAMMY-nominated duo, absolutely shines on this song- even featuring a subtle callback to their song “Stay Gold” in the first verse. It’s a subtle nod for old fans- one executed perfectly.

“Ice Cream” has a memorable and repetitive chorus- one bound to get stuck in your head. The Austin, Texas duo weren’t afraid to play around with new sounds on this track. A heavily distorted guitar is featured throughout the song, making a sound they’ve never utilized before. It brings a unique first listening experience in that regard. It’s truly a song unlike anything they’ve released prior.

Listen to “Ice Cream” by Black Pumas below!

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