Buddy & Julie Miller “I’ll Never Live It Down”- Local Artist of the Week


This week’s Frothy Monkey Local Artist of the Week is Buddy & Julie Miller, with their latest single, “I’ll Never Live It Down.”

“I’ll Never Live It Down” is the third single off of Buddy & Julie Miller’s sixth album, In The Throes, out on September 22nd! Husband & wife duo Buddy & Julie Miller met in Austin in the mid-70s, and have been releasing music together since 2001. Both Buddy and Julie had previously established themselves independently in the industry. However, between Julie’s songwriting and Buddy’s instrumentation, both of them together have proven to be a powerhouse. Julie says she wrote (almost) every song on In The Throes after going through a recent wave of inspiration and creativity.

This track is a somber tune that tells a story full of reflection and disappointment. The song follows a unique structure, just a repeated instrumental melody that guides Buddy’s first verse into more verses. The melodic repetition keeps up this dark, melancholy feel throughout the track. This is also reflected in the lyrics, such as the closing lines, “You never knew how to love somebody like me / Guess you had a heart, but it wasn’t free.”

Listen to “I’ll Never Live It Down” Below!

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