Chance Péna “I am not who I was” – ONErpm Hitmaker Alert

Chance Péna I am not who I was

Our ONErpm Hitmaker Alert for this week is “I am not who I was” from Chance Péna.

Chance Péna is a 23 year old singer songwriter born and raised in Tyler, Texas. Chance started his music career at an early age and has been developing his artistry into the indie pop artist he is today. Péna is a proven multitalented artist from writing his own songs, producing, engineering, and preforming – he does it all! During Chance Péna’s career, he has had many amazing opportunities like writing songs with John Legend and playing at Bonnaroo this past June. Now fans can enjoy his most recent single “I am not who I was.”

“I am not who I was” is about how it feels to go through new phases in life and to grow into a new version of yourself. The tracks begins with an acoustic guitar melody and then blends with Chance’s high pitch vocals that portray his passion for bettering himself. As the song continues, Chance includes vocal harmonies that gives the freeing feeling of accepting personal growth and change. Before you know it, the song’s tempo picks up, creating this hopeful feeling for the future. Its perfect to listen to for support if you’re on a journey of letting go of the your older self.

Listen to the hit song “I am not who I was” below!

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