Chris Shiflett “Overboard” – Jayson’s DJ Pick of the Week

Chris Shiflett Overboard

Jayson’s DJ pick of the week is “Overboard” from Chris Shiflett. Shifting toward country-rock and twang, the longtime Foo Fighter surprises listeners with his recent releases in the best way.

Chris Shifflett is a guitarist, songwriter, and “punk rock veteran.” Known for his many years for his work with Foo Fighters, Shiflett is no newcomer to the scene. However, his solo releases give him an opportunity to work on a sound that he has not experimented with during his time as a Foo Fighter or in other bands. This sound is classic rock and roll fused with a southern twang, and this track features all the best parts. The track features steady strumming of the acoustic accompanied by high vocal harmonies and a textbook rock-and-roll electric guitar solo. It’s a true “middle-aged love song,” as Chris says himself.

“Overboard” stays in theme of his upcoming album, Lost at Sea. The record will release October 20, and will feature the four singles that have released this year in anticipation of the album. Lost at Sea is highly anticipated: this will be Shiflett’s first solo album since 2019. Primarily recorded right here in Nashville, listeners can expect this album to be a perfect blend of country and classic rock. Listen to “Overboard” here:

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