Community Corner – Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer's Association Community Corner

In an interview with representatives of Alzheimer’s Association, Laura Musgrave and Jacob Rice, Bill Fondren learns about the organization and upcoming events.

Laura Musgrave is an advocate for families of those affected by Alzheimer’s. Constantly searching for a cure, the Alzheimer’s Association is determined to provide quality research, support and care. The organization is not just for those directly affected by dementia, but also caregivers: Alzheimer’s Association offers support to anyone. With events like The Promise Garden and The Walk to End Alzheimer’s, it’s easy for the community to get involved. The Walk occurs November 4th and will take place at Nissan Stadium, and you can learn more about those events here.

But that’s not the only way to get involved! The Alzheimer’s Association is always looking for volunteers, participators, and advocators. Look for different ways to get involved on their website. Listen to Laura Musgrave and Jacob Rice support their cause in the interview here: