Death Cab for Cutie “An Arrow In The Wall” – Rev’s DJ Pick of the Week

Death Cab for Cutie An Arrow In The Wall

Rev’s DJ pick of the week is “An Arrow In The Wall” from Death Cab for Cutie! This release is the first piece of new music from Death Cab since March, and it was worth the wait.

Death Cab for Cutie is no novice to the scene, having released their tenth studio album last September. It’s not unusual for Ben Gibbard, lyricist and bandleader, to tackle some unconventional subjects in his writing. In a press statement, he explained this track serves as a warning that, “society at large is in decay.” In true Death Cab fashion, Gibbard masks his unsettling lyrics behind a dance-y beat and clapping hands.

Even Death Cab for Cutie’s modern sound remains familiar to listeners. Active since 1998, the group has perfected their craft. Frontman Ben Gibbard showcases the band’s classic sound, but adds a fresh spin on this track. A thumping drum beat paired with a deep bass line drives the track, as Gibbard layers his light, ringing vocals over top. Complementing the plunky riff lingering throughout, the echoey explosion of the chorus hits listeners hard. In true Death Cab for Cutie fashion, this track is unpredictable: it takes us on a journey, but doesn’t peak as high as listeners expect it to. But that’s just Death Cab doing what they do best: leave us wanting more. Listen to “An Arrow In The Wall” below.

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