Drugstore Cowboy – “In A Bind” Local Artist of the Week


This week’s local artist of the week comes from Drugstore Cowboy and their new song “In A Bind.” This tune is their newest single released in June of this year.

Drugstore Cowboy is a Nashville-based musical duo from Dallas, Texas. It’s composed of front man Carter Davis, and drummer / producer Grant Thompson. The group formed in 2019, and have since then made a name for themselves by skillfully producing a wide variety of sounds. Their music hardly ever leans toward a particular genre. Instead, the band choses the best elements of rock, country, hip-hop, Americana, and Folk to incorporate into their songs. This method keeps their listeners intrigued by each new release, and brings an exciting element to their live shows.

“In a Bind” is about the band’s experiences in Juarez Mexico. Singer Carter Davis describes it best on a recent Instagram post: “Visiting Juarez was the first time I experienced a developing country and the first time I experienced love… I was popular with the ladies and fell in love multiple times.” During their trip to Juarez, the band played for an orphanage and became close with many of the children there. The bombardment of love inspired the group to write this song about their experiences. Overall, the song is upbeat and reminds us of some of the alternative music we’ve played in the early 2000’s. The rapid drum beat melds with their groovy guitar and bass lines in a way that keeps you moving. This song is your new go-to when you need a pick-me-up! 

Tune in to 100.1 FM and lightning100.com all week to hear “In A Bind” by Drugstore Cowboy, our Local Artist of the Week!