EG Vines “The Swim” Local Artist of the Week


This week’s artist of the week is EG Vines with his song “The Swim!” This is the band’s newest single since their hit Over the Sun.

EG Vines is a high energy indie rock band from Nashville, Tennessee. The band is full of energy coming from a powerful desire to play music. The founding member claims that he started the band after working too many office jobs and watching others fail. Vines one said in an interview: “The powers that be continue to package fear and hate and sell it to us. Well, I’m not buying it anymore. Are you?” The band contains elements of Indie rock with 90’s rock tone. Much of their music contains elements from similar bands

The song appears to be about letting go of things in life that don’t work and taking on a new profession. This aligns with EG Vines philosophy, quitting your failed dreams and taking on something you want. EG vines insists that anything can be done if enough determination if put into it. And in this song, it shows. The instrumentals are powerful and punky giving the impression of liberation and freedom in a newfound career.

Check out the music video for “Swim” Below!

Tune in to 100.1 FM or all week to hear “The Swim” by EG Vines, the local artist of the week!