Futurebirds “Vampire Nights” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

futurebirds vampire nights

Dan’s DJ Pick of this week is “Vampire Nights” by Futurebirds. Futurebirds have been making music together for the past 13 years. Their collective musicality is a collage of different styles and genres, making their sound authentically unique. They’ve recently worked with Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket on their 4th album, Bloomin’ Too. Broemel commented on the band’s creativity, willingness to collaborate, and how inspiring that can be. Their latest album, GHOULIN’ AROUND, is the perfect gift to any rockstar who’s ready to celebrate Halloween. It’s been a long time coming- the album was originally a 2-week Bandcamp exclusive listen way back in 2019.

“Vampire Nights” is a rollercoaster of rock ‘n roll. The intro follows a classic electric guitar riff that leads us into some heavy rock instrumentation. The lyrics spin off of the satirical spooky theme. Make sure you don’t miss some of the hidden production elements in the song to make it sound even scarier. There’s a low, haunting voice that speaks the lyrics through some heavy reverb in the verses. The little things like that make this track so fun to listen to, and it reflects the band’s humorous, creative personality. Feel free to add “Vampire Nights” to your Halloween party playlist ASAP!

Check out “Vampire Nights” by Futurebirds below.

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