Iguana Death Cult “Pushermen” – Stephanie’s DJ Pick of the Week


Stephanie’s DJ pick of the week is “Pushermen” by Iguana Death Cult! The five-piece band hails all the way from Rotterdam, Netherlands. Talented musicians make up the band, including frontman Jeroen Reek, Tobias Opschoor (Guitarist/Vocalist), Justin Boer (Bassist), Arjen van Opstal (Drummer), and Jimmy de Kok (Keyboardist). This garage rock group’s track will leave you wanting more.

Since 2015 the band has been making music together, and you can see in their discography how their artistry has grown. Recently released Echo Palace is their newest album that features 11 unique tracks. It was created during the pandemic and drove the band members even closer than before. It’s a worldly record that pushes the boundaries of their previous releases.

“Pushermen” is a standout track on the latest release. It features the band’s deep, rounded vocals and carefully layered harmonies. The controlled rhythm guitar and bass impact the pace of the song and grab the listeners attention. With rocking riffs and clever lyrics, this piece compliments the album as a whole. This European garage-punk band sure know how to make their mark on the music world.

Check out “Pushermen” below and listen to the rests of Iguana Death Cult’s new album Echo Palace!

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