Intern Pick Of The Week- Mentally We Are At The Pool Right Now


Maggie’s Pick: “Sneakers” By Knox

My pick this is week is “Sneakers” by Knox. This tongue-in-cheek song is off of Knox’s 2023 debut album, How To Lose A Girl in 7 Songs. This punk rock track has a chorus that’ll have you singing along at the top of your lungs. With a driving drum beat and an unforgettable electric guitar intro, Knox’s vocal gives just the right amount of grit and facetiousness. Its clever lyrics focus on not falling for someone who sneaks around and is unfaithful, and instead taking care of yourself first.  This tune’s lighthearted vibe make it perfect for a summer anthem. Personally, I enjoy blasting this song in my car with the windows down, and having epic Super Soaker showdowns with my friends to it while trying not to hit our music speaker.

Knox is from Dayton OH, moving to Nashville to pursue his dream. After picking up a guitar for the first time at 18, he dropped out of school to start making music. Only 25, Knox is already making a name for himself with his songwriting and music, opening for names like The Band Camino and Boys Like Girls. Knox also played during Emo Night in Nashville. Check out his music at his website here!

Lizzy’s Pick: “Polly” By Dora Jar

My song of the week is “Polly” by Dora Jar! This song has been consistently on my summer playlists for the past two years. The track is upbeat and and feels like you’re driving in a fast car to the beach.

“Polly” has fast, meticulously written lyrics that feel like a tongue twister. This includes the pre-chorus which features the phrase “Fratica patica automatica” which renders no particular meaning (it’s just really catchy). Even if you don’t know what she’s saying, you still understand the excitement of the song. The song leads with a catchy guitar riff, followed by stunning layered vocals that go all together to create a memorable chorus. I will consistently stand by that this song encapsulates the feeling of summer.

Dora Jar has a unique feel that is featured throughout the entire EP Digital Meadow. She plays with rock, electronic, and acoustic sounds that are incredibly distinctive. Seemingly random at times, she has created an iconic- almost eccentric image.

Even in the dead of winter, I listen to this song and feel like it is 90 degrees on a sunny beach. Though there aren’t any beaches in Tennessee, I do enjoy listening to this song by a Nashville pool.

Zoe’s Pick: “Sexy Villain” By Remi Wolf

As far as I’m concerned, summertime is Remi Wolf time. Her songs are best described as colorful, unique and effortlessly cool. Although she has a flair for combining genres into upbeat hip-hop/funk/pop jams, songs like my pick, “Sexy Villain,” keep the quirks while slowing it down. The result is an unforgettable, catchy tune perfect for lounging in the late afternoon sun. 

“Sexy Villain” was originally released as a single at the end of the summer of 2021 ahead of Remi Wolf’s debut album, Juno. Now, as the summer of 2023 begins, I’m convinced Remi Wolf’s music (and especially this song) will continue to be summer staples. From the sleek guitar licks and production to the tongue-in-cheek true crime and cultural references, there is so much to love about this laid back summer jam. Remi Wolf will be performing at festivals throughout the summer starting next month. Check out her website here!