J Duran “Can’t Get High Enough” – Dan’s DJ Pick of the Week

J Duran Can't Get High Enough

Dan’s DJ pick of the week is the new release from local artist J Duran called “Can’t Get High Enough.” He recorded the track at Battle Tapes late last year with producer Brad Shultz from Cage the Elephant.

“Can’t Get High Enough” has the heart of a folk song, wrapped in indie pop and rock influence. Therefore, the lyricism and storytelling sit at the forefront of this work. Stacked, echoey vocals fill the sonic space, with a crisp yet gentle acoustic guitar accompanying Duran’s voice. As we crescendo into the chorus, a drum machine and tambourine drive song forward. Electric guitar and organ provide additional augmentation, keeping the track lean yet compelling. 

The open road’s the place to be for a lonely stoner like me,” Duran sings. It’s frank and on-the-nose, but his honesty comes off not as corny, but charming. As a young artist with a lot of potential, Duran avoids the pressure to write the deepest lyric or produce the most intricate arrangement. Instead, he presents himself as ambitious, not overambitious. With this single, it’s clear he has room to grow, but already has confidence and clarity in the music he wants to make. 

“You often get a feeling of being understood – a confirmation that others can perceive and feel that way too,” Duran told Melodic. “I hope my music can give someone else those feelings that they’re not alone. We’re in this together.”

Join J Duran in the experience of “Can’t Get High Enough” by listening to the track below.

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