Jacob Perleoni “Player One Blues” – Local Artist of the Week

jacob perleoni player one blues Local artist of the week

This week’s Frothy Monkey local artist of the week is Jacob Perleoni! His newest song, “Player One Blues” follows two other singles, all released within the past month.

Jacob Perleoni is a one man band: a skilled guitarist, a motivated bassist and a powerful drummer. He creates a crunchy, dynamic beat for his newest single completely by himself. Fueled by influences like Queens of the Stone Age and The White Stripes, Jacob’s energy is driven and exciting, which shines through with this thick, exploding sound. Through fuzzed, sandpaper vocals that echo between your ears, “Player One Blues” tells a timeless story of roaming and running. This track’s tight groove is one that will surely have you up and out of your seat!

Jacob’s “folk rock psychedelic blues disco music,” as he puts it, is something to have on your radar. Having released just a few singles, two EPs and one album, he is a local artist to keep an eye on. Listen to “Player One Blues” below!

Tune in to 100.1 FM and lightning100.com all week to hear “Player One Blues” by Jacob Perleoni, our Local Artist of the Week!